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Cheia is a mountain resort, 60 kilometers north of Ploiești in Prahova County, Romania. Situated in the Teleajen Valley, it is surrounded by the Ciucaș Mountains. It is part of the commune Măneciu.

Cheia - panorama

Heights, as shown in the panoramic photo (from left to right, view from the Babeş peak):

  • Bratocea pass (1263 m)
  • Tesla peak (1613 m)
  • Ciucaş peak (1954 m)
  • Valea Berii (the Beer Valley)
  • Muntele Roşu (the Red Mountain)
  • Gropşoare peak (1833 m)
  • Zăganu peak (1817 m)
  • Cheia resort (875 m).
Mănăstirea Cheia

Cheia Monastery is located to the southeast of the town.

Coordinates: 45°27′17″N 25°56′12″E / 45.45472°N 25.93667°E / 45.45472; 25.93667